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~ Welcome! ~

You will find located here the collected, written works from members of 
Embracing Mystery: The Light, The Dark, The Grey
This site and it's message board are a resource for otherkin, magick users, curious, and those wishing to learn.
A place of information and learning on everything from angels to ghosts, to psychic ability and more.

Keep checking back as we are always adding new articles!

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Statement of Purpose

Our goal is simple. We wish to come together to learn and grow through the sharing and discussion of information and personal experiences. We do not seek to convince or convert anyone, nor do we act as a "church" or "coven" or other formally structured group. Our forums are open to the public and any may contribute submissions to be reviewed for inclusion on this site. Each article is the sole property of the author, and you may find contradictory thoughts on this site. The thoughts, opinions, and ideas expressed in the articles belong solely to the author and do not imply consent by any other. (i.e. each person's thoughts are their own.) We do not all agree with each other - nor should we - for we are strong in our diversity. As you read the items within, realize that you do not need to agree or even believe in the things which are written about. If you feel otherwise, please leave the site in peace.

Thank you for your visit. You can contact the administration at mystery (at) if you require further information.


Submissions are accepted! 
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