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Here are the collected, written works by members of Embracing Mystery's Forum.
Last updated: January 23, 2007

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~ Otherkin ~

Otherkin by HumbleLightworker

What are Otherkin? by MemoryandDream

Angels/Angelkin, The Link, and other related Commentary by Mulian dor

The Nature of Incarnation: A Look at Angelic Beings by MemoryandDream

Angelic Musings (a look at angels, angelkin, Incarnation, reality, and everything in-between) by MemoryandDream

I Don't Fit... by WolfVayne


~ Magick ~

Magick: A Primer by MemoryandDream

  Too Many Spells for Stupid Reasons by Dennaveve

How to Make your Own Spells by sweetsang

Invocation by Slim the frequently possessed

Evocation (An Introduction) by Slim the frequently possessed

Obsessional Magick by Slim the frequently possessed

The Implications of Magick by Slim the frequently possessed

Introduction to Sexual Magick by Slim the frequently possessed

Magical Troubles by Slim the frequently possessed

Initiation by Slim the frequently possessed

Magick in the Matrix by Slim the frequently possessed

All is Light by Slim the frequently possessed

The Magical Imagination by Slim the frequently possessed


~ Energy Working & Psychic Phenomenon ~

Aura Scan and Repair by Volkdragon

Psionic Vampires, Empaths, and the Human Energy Shield by Dennaveve

Secret Places, Secret Bodies: AP, OBE, and Lucid Dreams by Dennaveve


~ Religions and Faith ~

Questing For Awareness: The difference between Spiritualism and Religion. by Dennaveve

The Separation, The Break, The Fall: A Look at the lost connection to the Divine by MemoryandDream

A Very Brief Glance at Mysticism by Slim the frequently possessed


~ Divination ~

Tarot Imagery by Minister Saint Fond


~ Life and Death ~

Introduction to Spirits, Ghosts, Mediums and Communication by MemoryandDream

A Basic Primer to Entities and Cleansing by MemoryandDream

Past Lives: Energy Recycling and How we all Connect by Dennaveve

Spirits: Life Forms of Energy by Dennaveve (please refer to this article first)

Spirits: Symbiotic Life in all Realms by Dennaveve


~ Meditation and Lessons ~

Meditation by Dennaveve

Into the Fire: A Meditation Exercise by Lady Valach

Meditation Suggestions for a Chaotic Mind by assorted as noted


~ Reality, Existence and the Rest ~

Not Every Question Needs an Answer by MemoryandDream

Reality is what you make it by J. Honor

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love White Wolf by VoidEchthros

The Language of Man - A look at the life of skepticism by Dennaveve 


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