Angels/Angelkin, The Link, and other related Commentary
by Mulian dor

About Angels
As curious as we angelkin may be toward the human documentation of angels (in corporeal/dream/vision form), we don’t necessarily believe it ourselves. Religion is a human contraption, a combination of spirituality and story telling, and like any story, it is prone to inaccuracies and thus causative to fierce arguments (lit. Holy Wars due to the power of belief).
Angels (of light) are spiritual beings that exist in the spiritual realm best described as Heaven, the realm of the Source. I don’t know if angels ever existed in a physical sense, the scientist part of me says that this is whimsical and not even worth considering, although another part of me is always curious. There are beings with angelic aspects, be they cross breeds, or descendants, or cousins of the Angels of light: The term of angelic does cover a broad spectrum of beings and alignments. These writings, however, concern Angels of Light, of Heaven, be that of the Fury or the Love, both are partly covered.

The Link
The Link is (predictably) the spiritual link with which angels become one with the Source. When an angel spends time in heaven, they naturally become one with the source through a special Link. This allows the Source to fill them with its light and them to live in a state of continual joy, happiness and love. It fills their souls and makes them whole, this is the reason why the miss the Source so much when they live as humans. It is also the reason for their Empathy, as they now have an empty ‘Link’.

Empathy is a prime trait of an angelkin, especially those whom had a strong link, a strong oneness with the Source. It is due to the Angels prerequisite of feeling spiritual energy around it as though it was an extension of its own spiritual/emotional being.

This empathy is often carried through to human incarnation, allowing the person the ability to know the feelings of others (though these feelings can be confusing to begin with). It is unfortunate for those who are young that this ability seems to be permanently switched ‘on’, leaving them prey to random emotions and frustrations. This generally means that the child learns to control themselves more. That, with time, that it becomes an invaluable sense in adult life once controlled.

More than just an ‘Angel’
Angels are spiritual beings just like any other and have varying ‘races’ (Choirs) and they are not all the same. It works in a similar fashion to the new-testament description, but this needs to be broadened and redefined. The main choirs are defined more by their favored activities (‘Purposes’) and alignments (I personally have little care for what religion has to say this on is, I’m working from experience and memory.) The three I know of are the Warriors, the Librarians, the Cherubs (unsure of what they do) and the Watchers. Cross mating are common, I am a Warrior/Librarian: The timidity, sensitivity and softness of the Librarian combined with the fierce, harsh and judgmental ways of the warrior mix to form a passionate and emotional being (when I’m feeling complete myself). I am a Singer, all angels sing (hence the reason why the term Choirs was first coined) but my whole alignment, how my power is worked is through the medium of my voice.

Not all Angelkin are angels, Angels can visit other spiritual realms for which they have a liking and mate with whomever they choose (yes, sex is a fairly common theme with all life, especially spiritual life) common cross breeds a dragon-angels, elf-angels and shadow-angels (take a place alongside Vampires).

Angels and the Source.
The Source is often discussed by most Christian/judeo aligned otherkin, it is a recognized Source of Universal Love and Light. This is the thing most Humans recognize as god, as the key to their own unconditional love and warmth for the Source and others.

Note:: Theological matters, To say that God is merely a spiritual entity/source would offend many people, more existential people would count god as an unknowable being beyond this Universe, others that this universe is but God itself, a universal mind. Similarly, fundamentalist religious people from other religions would have their own theories and beliefs. I recognize everyone's right to their own beliefs (as long as they do not count toward the degradation or harm of others.) My Belief is that the spiritual world is so interconnected, so complex and subtle that it can easily be considered as a mind, holding all the secrets of spirituality with its misty, crystalline form.

I believe as an angelkin that there is a Source, a being/continuum of universal light and love. As to what/who created this universe, I think its only fortunate that it was so and I hope we don’t pop out of reality any time before I get grey hair *smiles* I ‘see’ the Source as a giant ball of light, infinitely large and infinitely far away, where only a shift of perceptions bring you close to it.

Empathy works via two main channels, proximity and spiritual ‘radiation’ and through a spiritual link.
Every person loses energy by simply living, through having to breathe and pump their heart (thankfully automatic) and basic motion. However it can be lost through more subtle ways we lose energy, body heat radiates from your body this very second, tension in your muscles may take up more (both nervous and physical energy) and when you speak, the energy has to come from somewhere… The human body cooperates with the spirit in order to help vent bad feelings, unwanted energy. This is broadcast though spiritual energy from around the body and getting less and less intense and thus less noticeable with increasing distance. This is why when some draws closer to you their feelings become more noticeable. When one is in a spiritual link with someone (a tie of energy linking souls) emotional energy is often shared through that same link, thus someone's feelings across the world would be more noticeable and preoccupying than those in the same room as you, talking to you no less. Many Angelkin believe that they are unable to link to the Source, consider themselves Fallen and sad. Well, this is not (generally) so: It is possible to direct, to refocus their empathic attention to whatever they like.

Including the Source.
Exercise one (Directing Empathy.)

This first exercise will teach you simply how to refocus your empathic sense. Controlling ones empathy is simple, though takes a knack to master: Say a depressed person walks into the room, with your sense on you get the vibe straight away. You don’t want to feel depressed so what do you do? So imagine someone you know/knew (and like) and think of how they may be feeling, try to reach out and (as I perceive) taste their feelings, this will allow you to not feel the depressed feelings of the other person.

Exercise two (Centering ‘Quickening’)
This is slightly different from the first exercise, this is essentially focusing on the emotional content of your soul. The Solar plexus exist at the middle of your chest, trace with you fingertips (lightly) the under curve of your lowest ribs toward the center. You will find it moves up to a sensitive spot. In spiritual anatomy, this is the surface point of a Chakra, or energy center. This center is the one that corresponds as the ‘seat’ of the soul. Try to feel it empathically, feel the emotions and character of your soul, learn who you really are and the things you have lost contact with growing up. Note: This causes different things in different races, Weres tend to shift to their weresides and vampires get more predatory, etc.

Exercise Three (Linking ‘Rejuvenating’)
I remember my first Linking. It was when I was studying the bible I read something about the good Christians being given Manna (manna?) to be transformed into angels. In a delusional state I believed I was given manna and that I grew wings. Then I partially link to the source and knew it to exist I moved (away from, and back to being an angelkin) since then and have refined it to a simple exercise of empathy. Remember all the visions of god you had, of that Source, that light, that love. Now imagine the emotions it holds, try to feel them, to allow the light into our soul. Imagine being close to it and inhaling its energy even. Whatever works, because it does, eventually. And then let it take you were it does. It rejuvenates the spirit and make you feel whole.

Notice: Once fully rejuvenated, you will be filled with Source energy, like a fully charged battery as it were. You will find it hard to take on anymore, try quickening now, you will find it more pleasant and easier to do. I Quicken all the time, projecting the energy into my heart of my aura and my mind, whatever. I leave it all to you know

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