Aura Scan and Repair
by Volkdragon

Here it is in its glory.. I understand however some of you have different and varying opinions, discuss this as much as you want, however it is not subject to opinionated debate. These are MY findings over a decade or two of healing, and energy working. This is a BASIC understanding for people who claim to have no ability. Person A mentioned that they had no such ability but as seen by this it was shown that with correct attitude and guidance, anyone can learn and display to a fair degree of efficiency the above mentioned ability.

Aura Scan and Repair 101

The first thing you need to do is notice what, your body is doing. You need to know whether you are tense or relaxed or other.
Are your shoulders hunched up? If so let them down.
Now take your off hand, the one you don't write with unless your ambidextrous. Then in that case use a foot. (Joke)
Now take your off hand and allow it to simply move in a slow motion above your belly, about 5-6inches from you. You can do either a figure 8 or a circle, which ever feels comfortable for you. Go at a nice slow pace, what we are doing is allowing our hand and, arm to get into a rhythm.
Now I want you to speed it up. Go pretty fast for about 20 seconds then slow it right down again. The reason for this is to stimulate your auric energy. Once you've done that, start slowly moving your hand in a to and fro movement towards and away from your belly. Again we are stimulating your auric energy but in a different way. Or in other words at a different vibrational rate.
What we are attempting to do is find and identify your energy. Now start pounding your energy with your hand as though you were pounding something flat. Almost like you are patting the air above your belly, but more of a pounding movement. Basically what we are doing now is stimulating the energy, so that we can perceive it much better. We are also relaxing and tiring the arm, which in the early stages of this type of energy work makes it easier for us to discern our energy. Tired muscles tend to work better with energy in the beginning. Once that is achieved push your hand toward your belly, as though there was a big strong spring there. Visualize the spring, feel the tension as it slowly coils up and stores all that energy. As you pull your hand back do it as though all that pent up energy in the spring was pushing against your hand, and you are attempting to control it. You “may” feel a slight heat sensation or cold in or just away from your palm about now. It is ok if you feel nothing, not everyone does, and some people hear things instead. Again it is ok if nothing has happened yet. If that is the case, simply repeat the above a couple more times, until something is felt. If still nothing is felt, then try again on the morrow.

Now do that a couple more times focusing on the heat only. Just let your mind examine the heat. Once you have a firm grasp on the heat that you were focusing on. Examine the sensation and, “feel” it. Is it gooey, warm, like liquid, cold, like ice? That is what you are attempting to feel out.
From here, try and find out what color the feeling represents. At this point it could be any color but mostly it will be one, or a mixture of the following colors. Red, Orange or Yellow. Red is the color of our first Chakra, Orange is the color of our second, and Yellow is the color of our third. Now someone mentioned once that in-between the color, was represented the color purplish. In that case, it was the quester’s own energy being directed there. Purple usually represents the intellect. In this case the quester was seeing her own, probing energy displayed. It does not always happen, but when it does it is further proof of what you are doing, if proof is required. J
Sometimes the energy you are feeling will feel wrong or plain odd. That is ok, because if you aren’t used to feeling energy in this way. Then it will take on an odd effect within your mind.

Now what we are going to do is a basic search and repair.
What we are going to do is this, a basic self-check of our aura.
To check for holes and or any cracks etc then repair them.

What I want you to do this time is, with your off hand pound your aura again. Fast then slow till you feel that heat or cold sensation you felt before. Now we are going to associate that feeling of either heat or cold or other with connecting with your aura.

Then we are going to see what defines a bad spot in your aura. Now pull your hand out to about half your arm length from your belly. Do the pounding again at that point, until you feel the sensation that we have defined as connecting with your energy. E.g. the heat or cold sensation.

Now slowly, while keeping that heat feeling. Slowly move your hand up towards your heart. Not in a straight line however but move it all about. As though a snake were making its way up your torso.

Now just let your mind relax. With your eyes closed keep moving your hand until a point of light appears, when it does, slowly go over that area until that point of light appears really bright. Then stop your hand. The light is a literal light and will either be seen as though it were just above your vision or, at the side in your peripheral vision.

(Now from this point I am going to use part of a session from a few nights ago, I will omit the name of the person. In case they do not wish to be named.)
volkdragon: Where can you see the point of light?
Person A:: left ribs.
volkdragon:: ok
volkdragon:: what color was the light
Person A:: kinda...rusty
volkdragon:: ok color is important
Person A:: hazy red
volkdragon:: Now say to your ribs,
volkdragon:: Ribs, what does red mean?
volkdragon:: I am serious, I want you to actually speak to your ribs in your mind.
Person A:: my hand is now cold, in pain, and I am dizzy.
volkdragon:: OK
volkdragon:: that is a good sign
Person A:: really
volkdragon:: you have an old energy leakage at your ribs
volkdragon:: rusty is old.
volkdragon:: red usually means "bleeding out".
Person A:: so now what?
volkdragon:: now we repair it
volkdragon:: which is pretty easy again
volkdragon:: we will use 3 types of color I will explain each all you need to do is visualize
Person A:: ok
volkdragon:: first
volkdragon:: we will sterilize the area
Person A:: O.o
volkdragon:: Imagine bathing your rib area in a, you guessed it. A white light.
volkdragon:: Bath it until it looks bright.
volkdragon:: use your imagination, visualize this happening. (visualization is the key)
Person A:: a glowing bar of soap
volkdragon:: now we need to seal it
volkdragon:: imagine a pin point of gold light, right in the very center then imagine that light expanding outwards and creating a hollow enclosed shield. Gold is the color of Protection.
volkdragon:: it is ok if the white light hangs around, and does not leave immediately.
volkdragon:: is it in place?
Person A:: yes
volkdragon:: Good now we are going to pour into that a nice sky blue light. That is the color of healing.
volkdragon:: if you ever do Reiki that is the color you will see, or pretty much any kind of healing.
volkdragon:: really pump it in, as much as it will hold.
Person A:: it's full
volkdragon:: now I want you to make that shield really small.
volkdragon:: about as big as a bottle cap. Then, place your hand on it, and imagine a bronze colored energy flowing thru your hands and sealing it in place. Bronze is the color usually associated with sealing.
volkdragon:: once that is done, recheck it and see if you feel dizzy again if not. It was a success and you can move on.
Person A:: it feels warm and fuzzy there
volkdragon:: excellent hot is the feeling of your aura
Person A:: it lives!!!
volkdragon:: warm is your aura under repair, if however it was still painful, and you still felt dizzy. Then we would need to wash it again with “white light”. Then retest it.
Person A:: ...
volkdragon:: A rusty light will almost always be associated with an automated healing. That is, the body attempted to heal something but the healing was not a complete success. If you look at the color of a scab, you will notice it is a rusty brown color.
volkdragon:: usually if there is red and, pain you have an energy hole.
Person B:: Eehee.
volkdragon:: and you are "bleeding out"
volkdragon:: if it healed on the outside but not on the inside.. essentially you are bleeding into your own aura
volkdragon:: not good
Person B:: Internal bleeding. ;P

volkdragon:: this bleeding out, or bleeding into your own aura. Is your auric energy.
volkdragon:: yes exactly
Person A:: is there anything in particular to look for (I.e. colors)
volkdragon:: ok
volkdragon:: if you see white, a bright flash of white.
volkdragon:: it means there is damage to your aura
Person A:: and how would that happen?
volkdragon:: usually a hole, that had been slowly decaying. Holes are sometimes caused by unsuccessful attacks, or general wear and tear upon the Aura.
Person A:: like...rot?
volkdragon:: like tooth decay first goes yellow then bright white
volkdragon:: that is when the hole appears
Person A:: oooh
volkdragon:: colors are important
volkdragon:: so too is sensation
Person A:: is white the worst?
volkdragon:: no but red is one of them.
Person A:: ok
volkdragon:: ok you felt dizzy and pain you also said, my hand is now cold.
volkdragon:: So, what happens when you die?
volkdragon:: are you still warm?
Person A:: no
volkdragon:: well that is the same, it says we have a problem there is no heat, meaning there is no vibrant energy no stimulation.
Person A:: ooo
volkdragon:: ok now you said you were in pain
Person A:: yes
volkdragon:: did the pain localize to your ribs?
Person A:: it only happened round there, yes.
volkdragon:: that tells you that your ribs are where the problem is situated.
volkdragon:: so what we now know is this:
volkdragon:: there was a problem and auto heal has attempted to fix but failed, it or is still in the process.
volkdragon:: but it is cold so it failed, and it is painful so there is a problem
volkdragon:: you felt dizzy
Person A:: yep
volkdragon:: what happens when we are feint?
Person A:: dizziness?
volkdragon:: yes
volkdragon:: why do we get dizzy, what is happening?
Person C:: Lack of oxygen.
Person D:: hyperventilating?
Person A:: ...
volkdragon:: yes and?
Person E:: I feel like I am in back in my health class now LoL

volkdragon:: what carries that oxygen?
Person A:: blood
volkdragon:: where is the blood going?
volkdragon:: ah if it were going to the head we wouldn't be all that dizzy would we?
volkdragon:: if we are loosing blood supply to the brain what happens?
Person A:: we get dizzy
volkdragon:: exactly.
volkdragon:: now we look at those signs and say. hmm
volkdragon:: cold, pain, and dizziness.
volkdragon:: could be many things but with the color and, sensations as well as the localization. We also know that brown is associated with old healing or scabs.
volkdragon:: and that hazy red is associated with internal bleeding..
volkdragon:: energy bleeding.
volkdragon:: Having that information we can effect a healing.
Person A:: I see
volkdragon:: a question have you been feeling "drained" at all lately
Person A:: yes
volkdragon:: now didn't you say you had no talent and yet you just healed a potential energy problem? And, performed an auric scan?
Person A:: ...
volkdragon:: everyone regardless of ability with proper guidance can reach great heights
Person A:: ^.^
volkdragon:: you don't need any extra coaching
volkdragon:: you have all you need to scan and repair yours and other peoples auras.
volkdragon:: bingo
volkdragon:: aura scan and repair 101

volkdragon:: When you are sufficiently skilled you won't really need to touch anyone at all.
volkdragon:: you just place a hand, and “know“ what is wrong and where.
volkdragon:: you should always inform the one you are working on of your intentions.

volkdragon:: Personally I do not really need to place my hand near them anymore.
volkdragon:: I simply put a hand where I am directed and heal from that point only.
volkdragon:: volk has been doing this for some yrs.
Person A:: I assumed

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