Introduction to Spirits, Ghost, Mediums and Communication
by MemoryandDream

Please note: This is still a bit of a rough draft but should help provide a foundation of information.

What's a medium? Can someone speak to the dead? To ghosts? To spirits? How does it work? Can someone learn to do this?

Well, I'm a medium. Though I hated it my whole life, and wanted it to go away, it didn't. Within the last few years, have I met another like me and she's helping me understand it and, most importantly, stop fearing it.

Some people are just born "on." They see, hear, feel, or some combination therein, the otherwise unseen. For me, it means I hear voices sometimes, I see blurs of light and form, and I get a distinct "feel" for a presence or energy around.

It's not always dead people and it's not like the movies where there's all these rotting corpses everywhere. It can be scary because I get startled by seeing something or hearing something, but it's only truly scary if I allow it to be. They truly can't do anything to me (except annoy me sometimes) so I'm trying to get over my ingrained fear.

Everyone seems to be different on how they interact with spirits (ranging from yes, dead people, to residual energies in a place, to elementals to spirits, etc.) because how someone perceives something is unique to the person. Each person's mind makes things relatable in ways the medium can understand, so sometimes, I may see flashes of things inside my head but through that, I can understand a spirit even when I can't so much "hear" a spirit. Some spirits only communicate in one type of form like visual images, etc. so it can be hard to sort it out sometimes. For me, I often have instances where I know something is trying to get my attention, but I can't always understand why, or what they're trying to communicate.

Spirits and entities of all kinds are also quite fond of coming in dreams since it's easiest to get past the barriers people form. The reasons are obvious. It's the time in which most humans are most "open" to things. In dreams, the fictional can become the real and the fantasy is given life. The mind allows for things it never would otherwise and in this state of openess, the person is therefore an easier doorway to enter for spirits. (I don't mean possession, I just mean observation and communication).

Most people do not in any way see/perceive spirits because they simply do not believe such a thing is possible and therefore shut it out. Anyone can see/hear/feel something to some degree if the spirit is strong enough to manifest itself in some way bold enough to get past the normal disbelief. (Classic cases of "haunted houses" and such generally poessess energies much stronger then normal, so everyone can interact with them on some level.)

There are many conditions in which anyone can and does interact with (see, hear, feel, etc) spirits and such and having a strong connection to them in life can be an obvious one. Other are when there are echos that get trapped in a place that people see and scenes of high emotion and such where the lines can be thinned.

For people not automatically "on" to the spirit world, it's a harder process, but I believe anyone can learn to perceive it at least a little. It takes meditation and strong will and focus but I think they could at least get glimmers. (whereas, for me,it's pretty much constant and I have to work to turn it off.)

Each person's experience will most likely be different. It's a matter of how the person's mind interprets the information. We all need to experience things in ways we can understand. I've actually heard (with my ears heard) spirits, but I've also "heard" them like a foreign thought in my head (much like telepathy). I've seen them in various stages from actual forms, to wisps of light and I've most certainly, above all else, felt them or just "sensed" their presence. (the same sorta way you just "know" when someone is watching you?)

In my experience, there's often just a want to be noticed by many spirits - just making that connection with them and acknowleding them goes a long way. I'll speak aloud to them sometimes, saying hello or something simple. Other times, it's a specific message wanting to be communicated, and depending on the spirit, the message can varry.

When my Love's grandfather died, that night, he came to me and wanted me to give three specific messages to different members of the family. I did so in sorta vague terms to the other two members (I told my Love right out since he knows about my gift) and I've not heard from him since. My friend the witch has a resident spirit of her best friend who's past and he sends much smaller messages because he's around all the time.

So...the best advice I can give you is to truly let yourself open up to the ability. Know that even though it can be scary or weird, nothing can harm you unless you give it the power to. Overcome any fear you have of it - but hold fast to your "gut feelings" on something, often, you'll instinctively know when something is harmful or malicious. Be aware there are dangers out there, but don't let it cripple your gift.

And, speak to anyone you know who shares this talent, it helps to discuss the differences, the ways things appear to other (such as, I never realized songs/music were a common way to communicate until my friend mentioned it, then I recalled a bunch of times in which songs would just *pop* into my head specific to the situation I was in) and look for such things in your own life.

I think most anyone could learn how to see/hear/feel entities and spirits. It's just a different way of perceiving things that are already there.

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