Magick - A Primer 
by MemoryandDream

The concept of magick (sometimes spelled "magik" or "majik" also to differentiate it from stage tricks) is very simple: The Exertion of a person's Will to cause change or effect on reality. This can be accomplished in many ways ranging from traditional "spells" to rituals, to simple action. Magick in and of itself is not a religion nor faith, however, many beliefs and Traditions incorporate it at their foundation. (see: Magick Systems: Faith vs. Talent for more details)

Magick in and of itself is neither good nor bad. The uses and actions of the caster are determinative of whether it brings good or ill. Just as people choose to help or hinder a situation with their actions, so too do people choose how the magick is used. The use or even recognition of magick's existence is not a sign of evil. It has no innate connection to darkness, satan, or corruption. Magick is a simple force of nature. It has been with us as long as Earth herself. It can be found in the wild and has been harnessed by humans for countless millennia. Magick simply is.

Magick can be used in near infinite ways. It is an unseen presence-a "feel" of a place or a person. It is a connection-the communication with the elements or nature. It is a touch-the change of outcome or chance. It can be used to hurt or heal. In short, whatever you can imagine, you can do.

Magick is fueled by belief; by the sheer, unwavering acceptance and knowledge that you can do what you seek to do. When a person wavers in that knowledge, the magick wavers. Magick is like a living thing; both fragile and powerful in one. By denying its existence you waken its reality to you. Reality is a fluid thing that is different for everyone. A person that strongly denies magick, lives in a reality in which they do not see it happen. But, reality is layered-circles within circles. Which means that although a person's individual perception of reality excludes magick, it does not remove it from affecting them. You can disbelieve in carbon monoxide as well-afterall, it is colorless, tasteless, odorless-but it affects you all the same. In order to cast or form magick however, you must not only believe in it, but accept it as fact. This can be the hardest step as we are taught to dismiss magick along with childhood faerie tales. The level of our inner doubt acts as a limit to our ability. Many people who work frequently with magick often have a softer, childlike feel to them despite actual, physical age. Children have a natural sense of belief and those who come to accept and understand the power of belief, take on that childlike aura.

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