Meditation Suggestions for Chaotic Minds
with contributions as noted

I just relax my body so so deep, I become paralyzed. Just lye in bed, breathing deeply and let your skin "pour" out the tension out of each part of your body. When you're totally relaxed, let your mind wander. Don't concentrate on much. Just walk somewhere that's calming. -by WolfVayne

A good idea might be play some music in the background. Classical music is very good, and I recommend Beethoven and Bach. -by ryian

A good incense works wonders. I prefer frankincense and myrrh or plain old sage. And, as I've noted in the past, fighting your thoughts won't do you a bit of good; you have to simply allow your thoughts to pass as they come, and you'll find a greater degree of success. -by HieroEnigma

A popular method with Buddhist Monks is to count your breaths and let your mind follow their pattern. If you get my drift. I myself have trouble getting my mind to settle down. But that method works the best so far out of what the two other methods I've tried -by Lycenthrope

Breathing skills are a good beginner's way to meditate.

Another way to meditate (for beginners) is to stare, drift, depart from your problems and troubles whilst staring into a fireplace or a fire or a candle or something. Visualize (imagine) the flames in a dance and the smoke rising as if it was a twisting spirit...

Although, the one I use is a little more complicated than staring at a flame or fire for a while, I have found it is 2x as affective: Imagine a flower, you may do this sitting down, laying down, standing up (as comfortable as you can get basically) in a room or place that you won't be invaded by noise or people or animals.

Visualize a rose (roses are easier cause we all know what they look like I'm sure) with red petals and a green stem, hovering in a black background. Next, visualize the petals changing color or dropping away to reveal another set of petals; only this time blue. Again, visualize the petals falling away or changing color as to reveal another set of pink petals....

You may also change the color of the stem as you advance in this exercise or ultimately; the background in which the flower floats in. -by crimsonwiccan

believe it or not, meditation is a pretty hard thing for a person to do. there's a Lo Norsta ritual (sort of like a morning meditation) that if you're not totally into it all it will do is put you back to sleep. do you have a favorite hobby? it's really easy to get into that isn't it. that's because its something you enjoy and WANT to put your concentration on. so you know that if you can concentrate on your hobby then you have the ability to concentrate on your studies. for meditation, try doing it before you go to bed at first. sit (don't lay) in a comfortable position, close your eyes, breath deeply, make sure the palms of your hands are pointed toward the ceiling and they're empty because having something in your hand, or having your palm touching something is a big distraction, and focus your mind on a single picture of something that relaxes you. do this only as long as you want to and no longer. when you start to lose interest in it, stop. but the next night and every night thereafter, meditate for one minute longer than you did the night before. get it up to about 30 minutes to an hour. once you do this (and can do it without it seeming to be a burden) you'll be able to focus a lot better on things you normally wouldn't. -by XSaraXPoeX

I wouldn't recommend actively imagining anything, rather try to avoid thinking of anything at all. Just let it all go and relax. Then something will come to you unbidden (idea, scenes, you'll know it when it happens it's unmistakable.) For me, this state has always been accompanied by an inability to move my head, arms, or legs (in the early stages of it) then eventually completely forgetting I have a body. I usually come out of my trance without consciously attempting to, and on the occasion or two where I have been brought out suddenly or forced myself out of it, I had a slight headache as a result and felt a little incomplete. When I let them go, they last only as long as I need them too (whether I know it or not) far shortest was 10 or 15 minutes, longest was 1.5 hours.

But then this is just my take on it, influenced by my experiences/upbringing/desires, so while it's accurate for me, it may not be for you, or anyone else. -by Faerendil

Clearing one's mind is not a process you learn in a day. And it's different for everyone. Some use music to focus on instead, some use visualization (such as imaging you're "sweeping away" your thoughts), some use chants, etc. There is no "right" way.

The idea is not to be empty, but rather, be calm and open. Receptive. Quiet your mind, not turn it off. Focus on your goal; what you want, what you're aiming for. A goal is important.

Give yourself time and have patience. -by MemoryandDream

Thinking of nothing (a technique)

Turn on some music that you enjoy that is low key.

Sit down and get comfortable.

Try to listen only to the music, do not predict it simply let it flow over you and concentrate only on the music.

Do this for as long as you need.

Eventually (I've suggested this to many) you stop thinking of anything and simply listen, of course once people realize that they start thinking about how they aren't thinking of anything and ruin the whole thing....

With practice (using anything to study even an object) you will eventually be able to wipe the slate clean. -by Dennaveve

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