The Nature of Incarnation - A Look at Angelic Beings
by MemoryandDream
Angel is a term for which there are countless definitions. They embody the concept of all that is good and holy in the world. They are seen as Messengers, Watchers, Guides and Guardians. From the Qabalah, angels are thought to be aspects or parts of God, each with a specific purpose and dominion for which they oversee. They are accordingly named with the suffix -el and -iah meaning "of god." In the Christian Bible, angels are given ranks and orders (called often "Choirs") ranging from Seraphim to Archangels. They are said to have glorious spans of feathered wings; sometimes one pair, or three, or six, or more. Angels are depicted from fat little cherubs, to mighty warriors wielding swords of fire. Angels are found in art, literature, scripture, myth and legend in thousands of forms. Tales exist of angels on high, of those who were "fallen" or "cast" from Heaven, and of those who rebelled. The Books of Enoch tell stories of angels co-mingling with humans producing offspring known as "Nephillim" - a race of giants born to mortal women. Angel is a truly a term for which there are countless definitions.

Then there are those who feel they are angelic. Born into human skin, they yet feel or remember themselves to be of something else. Some feel different in origin or purpose. Some have "phantom wings" where they feel the presence of a pair (or more) of wings which are not there; the same as a person who's lost a limb yet feels it's presence. They may feel compelled to render aid - even (sometimes especially) to strangers. They may feel a deep connection - or a deep longing for the empty place within where the connection should be - for the Divine. For God. For the nameless One that is the Source and Completion of all things. Whatever their particular reasons, they find solace in the term "angel" or "angelkin." But these terms are confusing and misleading at best.

I am of several minds on the subject.

I think there are some who are literally Incarnations of something else - such as a being which is totally unique of humanity, not found in the natural kingdom of Earth and relating specifically and exclusively unto the Divine - just in human bodies for whatever reason. (Ours is not always to know of these reasons - as is oft quoted in various doctrines throughout history, god works in mysterious ways.) Pure of that type so to speak. This would therefore, exclude the ability to be more then one thing because you can't be, for example, a cat AND a dog at the same time. It's not like traits, it's like being. People of this type would be Incarnates.

But then again...there are some people who are just on different levels of the stairs of existence. And so, they have traits associated with all kinds of "kin" types, including "angels." In that you could be any number of associated kin types because you're not really that type of being per se, you're just an entity on a different level. People of this type would be better associated with the term, "angelkin" as it better relates the angel-like nature, rather then the actual definition of an angelic being.

Both types of people exist. There are just more of the later then the former. I think TRULY Incarnate entities are very, very rare. Truly angelic beings are a part of the natural order of reality, and have a place and purpose not directly part of reality as known to humanity. As such, there is little room for "time off" to Incarnate and spend a human lifetime outside the duties and purposes they are meant for. Most people who feel a draw to angels in some way are just of different levels and possessing different kin-type talents.

It therefore gets annoying when people say they are like an Elf-Dragon-Chicken-Hamster-Angel mix because they're not really any of those - they just have traits of those. If they were actually an Incarnate being, they would only have ONE aspect because you can only be ONE thing. An angelic being in it's natural state is not a dragon nor an elf. It is an angelic being. Even Incarnate in human skin, and existing as a human, the being is still angelic - and only angelic - at the core. (The same is true for any other race of being. For example, if one were a dragon, now residing in human skin, they would be a dragon Incarnate; while a person only relating to, and having traits of a dragon, would be a dragonkin.)

A truly Incarnate angelic being would and could only be an angelic being - no matter that they wear a human body. They are sent for a purpose and still act as an extension of the Divine; just in a different manner and form. This is not to say someone could not have angelic traits and/or objectives so to speak in life which gives them more of a "destiny" per se much like an Incarnate angelic entity. Accounts of those who feel angel-like is often because they are given a purpose in their life much the same way an Incarnate angelic would be, and the empowerment to act on that (those) purpose(s). They are probably souls higher on the stairs of existence and therefore have learned to care for others over their own selfish wants to a degree which allows them to be a guide of sorts. Being entrusted with a specific raison d'Ítre isn't just for anyone. Because while everyone - Incarnate angelic being, angelkin, or any other soul - can succeed in great things, having a duty in life is reserved for those souls who are able to unwaveringly accomplish their purpose.

The differences can be subtle and hard to distinguish, but the bottom-line between an Incarnate angelic being and someone who is angel-like (i.e. human with traits and/or abilities associated with angels or, "angelkin") is that an Incarnate is yet and always still an angelic being while an angelkin never was an angelic being and never could be. (This is not a bad thing, we are all what we are, and there is no shame in being true to what you are, be it angelic being, human, or something else.) 

Incarnates, I must stress are rare. There is generally great need for them to be in their natural aspect, not in a human body. However, as the world and reality grows colder and further away from the Divine, more drastic measures must be taken, and angelic beings Incarnate to tie the loosening threads in the physical world. Finding those who are similar in thought, or of related traits can help bridge the gap and bring those of Incarnate and angelkin together. In the end, it matters not what words you use to call yourself, so long as you remain true to yourself, your nature, and your path.

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