Obsessional magick
by Slim the frequently possessed
The tool of magick is the mind.

Ordinary waking consciousness has evolved to enable individual members of the species to function effectively, to survive and propagate in the Terran biosphere. An ability to recognize things (objects, animals, events…) that have definite survival value is vital. However, this process of recognition inevitably distorts perception, rendering it impossible to have a holistic perspective. Normal life does not require such a perspective, so for everyday life this is no loss.
Our survival functionality has caused us to develop normative standards of perception, and of interpersonal communication. These enable us to integrate our efforts so as to make achievements not available to the individual. We learn to accord with these systems during infancy and maintain them throughout life. Language is a particularly important element of these conceptual tools. Language is a system of symbolic classification, the bulk of which is predefined. In fact, it is not possible to create new terms within a language without using existing terms as references. This means that it is practically impossible to understand or communicate new or alien concepts within a language. As we tend to comprehend only things which we can already define, the presence of linguistic structures create boundaries upon our perception.

Magick involves the recognition of and interaction with things that are not capable of being interpreted by ordinary conscious processes. The states of mind and the perceptual noumena of magick are not susceptible to precise definition in terms of normative linguistic classification. As shown above, this should make magical operations impossible within the confines of normality.

If ordinary mental functions are not favorable to magical work, it is necessary to go beyond them. Normative psychological processes are termed sane by our society, and those who deviate from such standards are termed insane. If one desires to experience magical planes of being, it is necessary to voluntarily induce insane states of mind.
Magick is made for the purpose of achieving some goal. The chosen objective varies, it must do as the product of the individual practitioner. With goal in mind, the exponent needs a method, a practical procedure for shattering the psychic accretions of social conformance and exerting their will upon the foundations of reality. This method can be likened to the deliberate formation of an obsession.

With the goal stated in clear and personally meaningful terms, the magician begins to work by listing positive and negative associations that relate to the desired situation. These are then gathered or dispersed accordingly. If a deity is to be invoked, the days and hours of their greatest influence are to be set aside for adorations. Appropriate colors adorn the ritual space and incense burnt. Contradictory items are to be removed, negative thoughts banished from the mind.

The process of visualizing the goal, perhaps the manifestation of a god, is to be practiced regularly, each time with greater effort. Conjurations, incantations, poetry, dancing, even movies can be used to create an effective mental state. Silent meditation is one extreme, while ecstatic whirling the other. One must not let up, but plunge on until the only thought operating in the mind is of the goal. Eventually this produces a break from ordinary thought processes, a mental state in which other realms may be accessed, and desires transmitted to influence experiential reality.

Once the obsession has climaxed in a successful working, it is important to relax and let it go. Keep a clear record, but do not dwell overmuch on the experience. This is especially important in the case of invocations and other forms of theurgy, for there exists genuine danger of permanently warping ones mind. It is very easy to believe more in the demons one conjured than in the things they do for one. Unless your aim is specifically to contact a god that you already worship, it is unwise to begin worshipping one that you call upon to improve your love life. Also, the practice of thinking continuously on the objective may prove detrimental if it becomes automatic and continues unconsciously following success. This too must be dealt with.

Magick has the properties of enabling people to transcend the limitations of normality. It can bring knowledge, power, health, financial security, romance…magick can bring anything. Truly, one gets what one asks for (provided one asks in the right way). This too can prove dangerous, for a person who is vague, or asks for something offhandedly is liable to have highly unpredictable experiences. It is thoroughly worthwhile, but it requires genuine commitment to accept responsibility for the results.

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