Past Lives: Energy Recycling and How we all Connect.
by Dennaveve

Death is a subject that most if not all humans wonder about, it is the desire to understand the unknown that drives many of our motivations in life and there is an understandable amount of fear about what comes after our physical body is no longer an intelligent functioning part of the world. With the knowledge that we will become food for worms and other animals on this planet not being fulfilling enough to many members of society we find some of our greatest creators placing down for all to read or view their musings on the afterlife of the soul. There are hundreds of different opinions on what happens to our souls after we die, there are thousands of books, movies, and objects which describe or are used to help us come to better terms with death and what it means to all of us. Skepticism is a natural byproduct of intelligence, we cannot blindly accept the existence of organisms and forces that cannot be experienced and as such death and what comes after is one of the greatest mysteries of our time. For thousands of years homo sapiens have based religions, sophisms, and fiction off of the premise of an afterlife and we cannot say that any of these are wrong because quite frankly we cannot experience death and come back after having “lived” it for a long enough period of time to have a definitive truth about the matter that can be accepted by all.

Many people believe that Otherkin are simply humans with altered souls, people who have in the past been different organisms like frogs, trolls, angels, and fae. The reason they are kin in this life is because they can remember these lives and their souls retained this information, this knowledge of what they supposedly once were. If we acknowledge and accept the existence of Otherkin then we also must believe in some form of reincarnation. The very definition of these altered humans are people who are not only homo sapiens but something else, something more “advanced” then the regular people we see walking down our streets, running our countries, and teaching our children how to read and write.

When we die our bodies emit energy, we can call this energy our soul, every single organism on this planet has one from the lowliest germ to the African Elephant. It is a fact that we produce energy, all living organisms naturally expel it into the environment around them be it a supermarket, church, park, or ones home. Upon the passing of our physical lives this energy releases itself into the area around us and melds with all of the other energy that floats around invisible to the naked eye. It is the essence of life that is unseen, something that makes up our spiritual world and permeates every object and organism, it is akin to the air we breathe and just as powerful for without it life would never be the same. Our soul upon release from the physical shell that binds it is absorbed into other beings, plants, animals and perhaps even children in the womb and becomes a part of their soul, which is, like their physical body forming itself inside the mother. So in effect these past lives may not even be your personal past life, they could be the memories of another being which upon death was partially absorbed by your zygote. If we think of it this way more then one person could have been George Washington (for example) after he had died. Many children’s souls, plants, and animals could have absorbed his life force while parts of his soul still float around to this day helping to contribute to the spiritual fabric of our environment. Of course, with this trading of souls we end up with a dilution of energy meaning these memories become skewed from host to host just like dropping food coloring in water makes it lighter. The less we have in the mixture the smaller amount of concentration of a particular color or rather, kin. Of course one person could absorb the entire life force of one particular fae that lived five hundred years ago and as each host of these memories dies the information is altered, added to and life experience is gained every time new hosts absorb particles of this soul. Not everyone is recycled as it were, some people start fresh and because of this we are endlessly provided with different levels of experience, some people may have absorbed angels, demons, and a gnome, which is why there are so many different types of Otherkin and labels become meaningless. We are unable to categorize the mix that one person may have inside of them and just because they are partially demon does not mean they don’t have other soul energies residing inside of them. It is the simple case that we more often then not discard what we think is unimportant or rather “un-cool” because it is less appealing to us.

When you think about it we are all different in appearance, the child of two parents shares the genes passed on from both just as each soul shares the information of the hundreds of miscellaneous bits of energy from all of the other creatures that it may have absorbed along with the bit of its soul it has created on its own as a life form. This is why we have children whose parents may both have black hair and blue eyes but they (the child) have blonde hair and green eyes, the genes that are dormant for one or two generations become prominent again in the child just as the soul evolves with more experience and different qualities. Each of the absorbed souls is different retaining specific pieces of information from one persons past life and exhibit themselves in different people in thousands of alternate ways. So if one angel dies and its soul absorbed by three different people, each new soul carries a different bit of the angel. In effect one of these people may remember the wings and another the healing powers the last holding the actual memories. These three people may choose different paths in their lives then they otherwise would have if they were not contaminated by this energy. One may choose to become a pilot as they feel an affinity and particular oneness with flight, the next might take up a career as a fireman, paramedic, or doctor because they have the insuppressible urge to preserve and uphold life and the last may simply have powerful and compelling dreams or a better understanding of the spiritual world because they remember the previous knowledge gathered by the angel. Just as the energy that inhabits our souls exhibits itself differently three different people may choose to use this added knowledge in new ways and pursue different paths in life. Just because you are an Otherkin doesn’t mean you accept this or even believe in it, which, is why many find themselves knowing a kin who is totally close-minded on the issue. It does not matter that they do not believe and accept this part of themselves because it still acts upon their conscious and unconscious thought patterns and at times even their very bodies.

Now if we fully understand that just because a human may have part of a toad inside of them it doesn’t make them a toad how can we believe in Otherkin even when we accept reincarnation? They are not a race unto themselves, nor are they singular amazing things as we could have Flower Kin, Plankton Kin, and even Dung Beetle Kin. Since everything that is alive can absorb energy and has a soul we have to believe that a plant could contain in its soul the spiritual energy from a cat. However we have to remember that not everyone is consciously aware of the energy inside of them that is recycled from another being. Many “Otherkin” if not in fact all have a period in their lives where they awaken, situations occur which cause their brain to push this knowledge to the forefront and it is most likely our conscious thought which fuels the awakening. Also, since a plant has (on average) a much shorter lifespan then a human being and so far as we know they do not have actual thought patterns it is reasonable to assume they merely carry this energy inside of them before they die, the lilac bush is the vessel of the spiritual energy of the toad. Just as our body upon decomposition becomes the food and therefore energy of the animals that consume it reincarnating us, in a way, as the entire Earth itself our souls become a part of those things that absorb them. In effect this doesn’t mean you are the wolf you remember yourself being, it means you have some of this creature in your spiritual makeup and may exhibit the characteristics of the person, animal, or plant that you absorbed. There is no spiritual afterlife for our conscious beings, we cease to exist with singular intelligence upon death even though we pass on the knowledge and attributes we manifested in life to a new host and are in this way reborn time and time again never ceasing to be of value to the world but halting the process of direct personal contact with it. This means that we are all human beings, just as the plant is still a plant and the dog still a dog; as everything else we are singular and unique creations with attributes that are shared and some that are personal. Otherkin are not divorced from the human race they are just different types of humans who share the recycled energy that binds us all together and keeps us forever apart at the same time. 

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