Psionic Vampires, Empaths, and the Human Energy Shield
by Dennaveve

Around 5,000 years ago in India people began to refer to an energy that was thought to be the universal source of all life, they believe that this energy permeates all aspects of our environment and flows through every living being and is even created by our environment. They called this energy prana, in China it is called Qi, in the Kabbalah it was referred to as Astral Light, by scientists and philosophers it has been called Orgone, Somatid, Bioplasma, Biofield, the Odic Field, Aura, and much more. Throughout our history human beings have made over 97 cultural references, and given hundreds of different names to one thing, the energy that flows through all beings and is the essence of life. In spiritual paintings and drawings this energy is often seen as a glowing light that gathers around the head and body of Gods and other enlightened beings. These cultures were all making reference to what we now know scientifically as the Human Energy Field. 

The HEF is something that all individuals have, it is a shield around the body that is sustained by the output of energy waves from our individual beings and what we gather from other living organisms, it varies in size, color, shape, and even strength. Everything emits energy into the environment that is alive; this energy travels in waves and bounces off of objects and people. Along with being rebounded off of material the energy waves that human beings emit into the environment are also absorbed by objects and people. Since we know that these waves can be “taken in” by animal and plant it lends credence to those who have empathic abilities. The reason being a person in any extreme emotional state would emit a different kind of wave from their own body then they do in their “normal” or content state. The empathic person is merely an individual who is tuned toward receiving these waves more then your “average” person. As the energy is absorbed, it affects the person receiving it and therefore gives the empath a physical response by causing altered vibrations of their own HEF. This is why an empath can “feel” emotions from other individuals so acutely, the waves that are being emitted by other animals around them causes their own HEF to react during absorption and creates a tangible response that they can categorize into a human feeling. So one kind of wave would be associated with anger and another with depression, the empath isn’t “taking” the emotion from another being but they are, being highly sensitive to energy vibrations, interpreting the energy that other organisms are emitting. 

However I am straying from the point of this little mental jaunt, and at the same point drawing closer to my purpose. If the empathic person is not a “spiritually” evolved individual but merely an anomaly, a deviation from the “regular” level of absorption that a human beings HEF indulges in, then what makes the Psi Vamp so spectacular and evolved? The Psi Vamp would merely be an individual who for one reason or another has an HEF that is deficient, their body does not produce enough energy so they have to purposefully (or unconsciously) take from another’s HEF or harvest the natural vibrations of energy they emit. Obviously the latter technique would seem the more polite, instead of taking energy from a person, you merely gather in the energy waves that they are emitting, therefore not harming the individuals HEF or altering their body. Many times in life we end up doing something without being fully aware of the fact that we are indeed performing an act, at times Psi Vamps are not aware that they are draining others but are still doing so. Their conscious mind is not focused on the act of energy harvesting but their body is actually going through the process of garnering energy from their environment, be that human, plant, or other animal. 

So if we believe that the Psi Vamp is a person who happens to have a HEF deficiency, and since most Psi Vamps happen to also be very empathic (most likely due to the fact that they practice and have an affinity for gathering the energy of others or were born with this sensitivity) it gives to the writer and probably the reader several thoughts. You (the Psi Vamp) do not start out craving this energy, most people refer to the time where one begins to have these cravings as “Awakening”, many Psi Vamps will testify to the fact that they have all of their lives been empathic people which leads me to believe that a Psi Vamp starts out as an empath, from birth they are affected by a sensitivity to the waves of energy in our environment. This skill can also be gained through meditation and energy manipulating techniques, however there are people born with this “skill” and there is certainly nothing wrong with being more attuned to those around you and the energy that fills our world. At some point, consciously or unconsciously an empathic person may begin to “feed” or rather harvest the energy around them adding it to their own HEF, causing a boost in personal energy that can be related to a high. 

When you start gathering energy from your environment and using this as a supplement, your HEF would not need to be as active, it can safely rely on you pulling in the energy of others. This would mean that a Psi Vamp is not born that way, because so far as I know there has never been a Psi Vamp who spent their entire life, from their earliest memory, craving these energies, experiencing the lull from not feeding, etcetera. So as the HEF stops being self sufficient we end up with the Psi Vamp a person who has a deficient HEF and needs to feed on the energy of others to maintain a healthy “normal” balance. Now if this affliction is caused by the Psi Vamp relying on outside energy and not letting their HEF create energy for itself (as feeding seems to increase in time instead of decrease) this would mean that a Psi Vamp can be “cured” of their malady by cutting themselves off, suffering through the withdrawal, and hypothetically the HEF would begin to heal itself and function “normally” once more. Unfortunately while there is a hypothetical “cure” for Psi Vamps out there, the logical implications of cutting yourself off from everything that could provide the individual energy waves to feed on is not feasible. Many Psi Vamps would or already could, feed on the waves that a plant emits, or a small form of life. This means that though one could possible repair their HEF and function as a “normal” human being, it would be like the quest for the Holy Grail. 

As for those “born” as Psi Vamps, we all know that children are observant and learn to talk simply by being around people constantly speaking. We also know that children are extremely easy to influence and teach early on in life, if the parents of the child happen to be Psi Vamps what is to stop them from learning this technique from their parents therefore being considered a “born” Psi Vamp. This would present complications; their HEF may have never learned how to function normally, since from such an early age it has been relying on gathering energy from outside sources. This would be possibly the only “incurable” Psi Vamp though with meditation and energy manipulation techniques they could possibly teach themselves, and their HEF to sustain itself. 


So a Psi Vamp is someone who started out as an Empath or through energy training learned to harvest energy from their environment and use it to supplement their own energies. The Psi Vamp’s HEF then becomes dependant on this outside energy and doesn’t continue to produce this energy in the amount it once did, causing a need for the energy. Without “feeding” the Psi Vamp goes through the same symptoms of withdrawal as a Sanguinarian, experiencing cravings, general lowering of the strength of the immune system, depression, irritability, etcetera. After time (dependant on each individual) the HEF would possibly learn to renew itself once again, having started out functioning normally it is a temporary condition and they at one point in time had no problem creating enough energy to sustain them. 

The “born” Psi Vamp would be a person who during childhood was around a person who Psi Fed regularly and picking up on this technique began to use it as well, starting at an extremely early age to depend on the energy of others making their HEF deficient so early they may never be able to cure themselves. 

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