Reality is what you make of it
by J. Honor

Reality is What You Make of It. This concept may sound off the wall, or even a little silly, but here me out...

The world really was flat at one point. It was also the center of the universe, kept in a glass ball, held up on a god's shoulders, and a turtle's back, and it was everything else we believed.

Reality is like a bubble that surrounds a person. Inside the bubble everything is as they believe. From the color of the sky to the feelings and relationships around them is as they believe it to be.

These Reality Bubbles that surround each of us can communicate and merge. So, eventually your individual realities form the global view of the world.

The trick is that the changing of your reality is often very subtle and comes over time...

Try to think back to a time when you had a totally different view of the world.

I have a friend... (don't you love example that start this way? ) She is very intelligent. pretty, and a little something more than most mortals...

Now, she was painfully taught at an early age that she was weak, stupid, a failure, and so on. She was taught that reality is a hell that she deserves.

Surprisingly enough, that's exactly what it became for her. She fell very ill regularly, lost jobs, love, and security. She weathered more crap than I have ever seen a complete soul face... She came to me and wanted support.

I told her what I am telling you all- REALITY IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. She was kind of put off and refused to listen. Her problems continued.

I told her that since her life sucked so badly she had nothing to lose by looking up instead of down.

To my surprise she listened (breaking out of your reality bubble and into a new one is very hard to do). Suddenly all things lost came back to her, from her health to her security. Unfortunately she still sinks back into the masochistic views that lead to her falling down, but she is one step closer to UNDERSTANDING.

Please don't confuse my explanations here as some kind of "You're a god, and this is your playground" crap. All I am saying is that if you believe the cup is half full it WILL BE. Miracles honestly occur. I know... more than I am allowed to say here...

The reality bubbles thing is not anything religious, its just another way of seeing what is normally taken for granted.

Reality is what you make of it, so make the best of it!

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