Introduction To Sexual Magick
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Having dealt with the fundamental elements of magick, we will now look at the sexual side of the practice. It is impossible to fully discriminate between sex and magick, for sex is the most essentially magical act that exists. It is both the purest expression of creative energy and a natural path into one-pointed concentration, or even into blissful attainment of universal consciousness. There exist many taboos that limit sexual freedom in a variety of ways. These are sometimes explicit, stated in law and regulated. Others are silent voices of authority that survive in the unconscious of a culture and work by inducing shame and guilt in people who do not have the awareness necessary to evaluate the normative values of their society. This is not a political treatise, nor a detailed examination of sex. There exist many fine works on these subjects that can easily be found by those who wish to do so. However, before we continue, let me make my view clear: there should be no reason to prevent one or more aware, consenting, adults from carrying out any kind of sexual practice, so long as this does not result in harm of any kind.

The simplest mode of sexual magick is to use it as an easy and pleasurable route into the one-pointed state dealt with earlier on. The method is to hold in mind the objective of the procedure while you have sex or masturbate. If with a partner, it may be more difficult to maintain concentration on your goal and on your actions than if alone. It is easy to forget about the operation, or else to become mechanical and withdrawn. Neither is desirable. The necessary level of concentration needs to be coupled with physical experience that will only be gained through practice. Perhaps the best method for holding the objective in mind during sex is to take a single word or simple sentence that encapsulates your desires and repeat it mentally until it becomes automatic. It is quite possible to do this without failing to pay attention to your lovemaking. One thing to remember is that it will not help if you are so ‘earnest’ about your magical work that you fail to enjoy yourself during sex, of whatever kind.

If alone, you have greater freedom in the way you concentrate. A good way (and familiar to many adolescent lads) is to use an image as the focus. This can be a detailed painting incorporating every little detail that you regard as important, or it can be a picture cut from a magazine. You could use a little doll, sculpture or model that is shaped and decorated in ways that draw your mind to the goal. You could also play a particular song that is associated with the object of working. As ever, this is limited only by your imagination, and should ideally flow from the natural processes of your own mind. The salient feature is that whatever is used, should serve to draw your attention to the goal. When practicing sex magick with a partner, it usually unwise for you both to concentrate on the goal. It has never been easy for two or more people to commit themselves wholly to one objective during a magical operation, and this kind of working has a higher than usual chance of causing one or both people to become distracted. If either of you loses the necessary focus, it may inhibit the effectiveness of the other. For this reason, it is probably better if only one person acts as the magical operator. The other is free to think anything, or preferably, to lose him/herself in the joy of the event.

Whether you utilize masturbation or intercourse in your sexual magick, the most important aspect of the procedure remains the orgasm. Whether or not your mind has wandered somewhat beforehand, it is vital that you concentrate on your focus when you climax. It may take some time before you find this easy to do, but you should not expect much in the way of results until you can. Keep the focus in mind, whether it is an image, a mantra, a particular flavor or the scent of incense…whatever you have chosen to use, bring it to the fore of your mind and do not let it go. You should do this during orgasm and for the trance-like period that may follow.

It may cause your partner some alarm if you leap out of bed and start tracing pentagrams in the air. This has been known to strain the bonds of a relationship, so unless the situation unquestionably requires it, it is perhaps a better course to silently visualize a simple banishing ritual. Let me take this opportunity to state that the method of banishing given early on in the text is not to be regarded as ‘The Method’. It is far superior for you to devise your own way of banishing, which may be as elaborate or simple as you like, as long as it serves its purpose. Prominent Chaos magicians favor banishing with laughter, although this too may cause your partner some consternation.

So far it has been assumed that you have been utilizing sex as a tool in the performance of a ‘one-shot’ working. It may be that case, however, that you are carrying out a higher level procedure, such as the charging of a talisman, evocation or even invocation. Sex is particularly apposite for works of evocation. With evocation, the general method is to imagine that you are bringing to life the target spirit through your natural generative power. The symbol of the spirit or a figurine should be used as a focus, and when climax is reached you should feel your energy enter the focus and empower the entity. It is also helpful to anoint the seal or other item with your sexual fluids. During the dazed period after orgasm, you may experience a form of hypnopompic vision in which you can communicate with the spirit directly. It is important that this kind of work be used only for empowering beings that are beyond a doubt friendly to you, for you cannot easily protect yourself during this state. The rest of such a procedure may be worked out from a study of the section on evocation.

Sexual invocation is effective but potentially dangerous. It is unfortunately rather easy to associate sexual feelings with the character of the deity invoked, which can lead to some unpleasant after-effects of the working. Worse, however, is the fact that you are opening yourself up in the most complete manner possible. If the being you summon is not quite what you have been expecting, this has the potential for disaster. If there are two people involved, it is vital to ensure that only one is designated as the practitioner, and that the other is protected from spiritual intrusion in the strongest way possible. It is quite disastrous for an unprepared mind to be the subject of an involuntary possession. As with any invocation, it is important to take all possible precautions.

The practical side of the invocation does not have to deviate too far from the design laid out previously. The space is laid out as described, and a chant or similar method is used to begin the operation. However, once the practitioner begins to experience the ‘exalted’ feeling, they should stop and initiate sexual activity. That is not to say (for example) end the chant midway when you start feeling light-headed. Only that when the first round or so has passed and there is a charged atmosphere, then you should begin. Hold the selected focus in mind and take as much time as necessary, perhaps approaching climax several times but holding back, all the while thinking of the god. When you finally reach orgasm, it should be because you can no longer restrain either your physical desire for release nor your mental love for the god. It is quite likely that you will lose consciousness or experience vivid hallucinations when the end is gained. The ways of dealing with and acting under possession have been covered, and need not be repeated. In the introduction to this section, mention was made of the sexual path to enlightenment. I wish I was qualified to help you with this course of action, but we all have our limits.

Sexual magick is a versatile and powerful tool for the serious magical practitioner. It also has an ancient history and has been endorsed by some of the greatest magicians known. There is a vast wealth of information about this subject that cannot be covered in such an introductory work as the present text. If it interests you, by all means seek out other sources, for it is a very worthwhile object of study. I will give a last warning, however. It is easy to begin this kind of work in a light-hearted, careless way. It is also terribly easy to become confused and hurt by confrontation with powers from outside yourself, but also from your own hidden problems. We all suffer to some extent from subconscious conflicts between our desires and our socialized selves. Magick has a way of bringing these conflicts to light and forcing a confrontation that one may or may not be ready for. Because of this, I urge you to take every possible safety measure when you carry out such work, and to be certain beyond a doubt that what you are doing accords with your deepest sense of self.

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