Too Many Spells For Stupid Reasons
by Dennaveve

Is it just me or has there been an influx of "Poor me I need a spell posts? I have no problem with spells, ritual, meditation, what have you but this seems to be a new trend. Instead of communicating people want a mystical magical way to go about finding the answers to a simple question, or the cure for a basic problem. The most common seem to be "Love Divination" spells or the "Cold Cures" at least on this community and the others I browse on a regular basis. Life is not an episode of Charmed or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, have people forgotten that some good rest and lots of fluids can clear up a cold in no time? Or that if itís truly more serious and thereís something like bronchitis involved a simple trip to the doctors office for some antibiotics will kick the illness in the butt? What about asking someone out on a date, or suggesting a simple hang out with a girl or guy you have a thing for? The usual answers (to the love posts) seem to be:

"Well Iím scared theyíll say no"
"Iím too shy"
"Iím worried it will affect the friendship"

Personally Iíd be far more worried about the toxins in the air I am breathing or contracting some strange pathogen from the people at your work or school that donít wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Life is about taking chances and indulging in risks. Asking someone out isnít a very big risk in the book of Deadly Death Defying Feats of Risk Taking. The worst that can happen is the object of your affection would rather remain friends or just breaks off the friendship. Thatís not so bad is it? Ok yes losing a friend can be horrible but, if they were really your friend they wouldnít be so offended by wanting to go out on a date! If they were a good friend wouldnít alienate you because of it either.

The only good thing I can say about the pop culture new age occult television shows is that whenever one of the characters tries to use one of those "simple" spells to get rid of a problem they end up in a big mess and realize that magic just like medications, alcohol and eating should not be overindulged. With magic the result is usually a blow up, it all back fires and the character has to spend more time fixing the situation they created then if they just asked Mr. So and So out for coffee. With medication you usually end up over dosing and in the hospital, or sick as a dog and puking your brains out. Alcohol, same deal. Eating, weight gain and other health problems can occur. All of these things arenít really harmful if used prudently and with real reason, like eating when youíre hungry or having a casual drink with your friends. However when we scorn the basic rule in life: "Waste not want not" and go for the excessive and frivolous things never work out the way we planned.

The first thing to realize when trying to cast a spell to figure out if someone likes you is that everything has a reaction, equal at times but generally not. The second thing to take into mind is that (as MemoryandDream [quoted] and many others have said):

Quote: ...they (The powers that be) just have a hell of a lot of better shit to do then help some kid who can't even get the courage to ASK a simple question of someone who's so "special" to them and instead looks for shortcuts and cheats to just have things handed to them on a silver platter.

Translation: Begging a divine source for the answer to whether or not itís going to rain tomorrow could be easily figured out by checking the Weather Channel instead of lighting a candle and praying to ___ insert deity.

Are we really so vain as to think that Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, what have you...have nothing better to do with their time than sit around like Mother Cleo on the psychic hotline? "Answers to your mundane and banal problems answered for $3.99 a minute! Just ask God! Lines are always open!"

Maybe Iím of a more Merlin-esque viewpoint, we should be prudent when using magic instead of lobbing around energy like one is playing a game of Kickball.

Quote: To cause rain in a place where it is usually infrequent would be upsetting the delicate balance of nature. There is a pattern to life and the reason it doesn't rain a great deal in the desert is because the plants and animals there have adapted to not need a lot of rain. You could end up drowning the plants and animals which live there or upset the overall ecosystem by causing a "nice rainstorm."

In fact, if it worked too well you could cause harm in many different ways. Wishing for some sunshine in Seattle could end up extending into a drought. Mother nature really doesn't need help running her planet, she does a beautiful job on her own.

Just because you donít think there is going to be a reaction to your little experiments in magic doesnít mean there wonít be. Even though we donít think about all the germs on our counters and toilet bowls doesnít mean they cease to exist just because we arenít going to acknowledge them. Of course when people say something to this effect they are usually snubbed or considered to have no idea what they are talking about.

"Oh you mean you donít want to give me a spell because I could just ask them, well you know nothing about magic!"

Really mature viewpoint. If you donít want our advice then go to your local occult crap vendor and buy some book by a man or woman with a name that sounds like it came out of Peter Pan. Iím sure they have plenty of spells for you where all it takes is a candle and some warm lavender oil to make the heavens split and rain fire down upon your enemies.

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