A Basic Primer to Entities and Cleansing

This article might read a little differently then others I've written. Truly, it's a collection of advice and experience in regards to ghosts, spirits and entities. It's Things You Should Know if you're planning on getting involved in such beings, or such beings have decided to get involved in you. Consider it a bit of a So You've A Ghost - Now What? 101 kind of guide. It's most certainly not all-inclusive, nor is it the only approach or belief out there on the topic. My hope is that, given my experiences with the subject (being that I didn't have a choice in my interactions due to the fun genetic quirk of inherited "always-on" mediumistic ability) I can help give some general information to those who are facing it for the first time.

Ground Rules and Basics
Here are some general things to know when dealing with entities of any kind.

  • First off, there are a host of different types of entities. Trying to come up with a comprehensive list would be an article on it's own. But, in [extreme] brief, some of the more common include spirits/ghosts (the "soul" or essence of a person who has passed or who is non-corporeal); residual energy/poltergeist (mere energy without a driving soul or thought that is left over like a stain or imprint on a place or object); and demons/elementals/fae/etc. (non-human entities that come in all shapes, sizes, dispositions and intentions.) 

  • Secondly, because there is such a range out there, and because it can be hard to know which are helpful, which are harmful and which are merely curious, it's important to always be polite. No really. Asking nicely tends to get you much further than ordering, commanding or arguing. Try respect first.

  • Third, no matter what type of entity it is, it needs your permission to physically interact with you. Stop and think about that for a moment. No matter what you fear might happen, you do have a level of control because of this basic rule of the universe. Entities can - and will - try to trick you into giving permission, and may physically interact with non-living things in an effort to obtain their desire, but unless you allow them, you do have a built-in level of safety. Which brings me to....

  • Do not open doors you can't close. It's often easy to start something but extremely difficult to stop it. The easiest way to prevent problems is to keep them from happening to being with. So please, when you get the idea to summon up something, just don't.

  • If you find yourself in a situation where you're out of control, frightened or otherwise lost, the first step is to calm down and try to re-center. Take steps to cleanse yourself and your surroundings. This too often goes further then you'd think if you approach it with strong intent and clear mind.

So You've Got An Unwanted Visitor
Whether you seek it out or not, sometimes entities can be drawn to us, or our surroundings and they might not want to leave. Or you might just be uncomfortable with their presence and you'd really like to be left alone. So here are some steps to try in removing unwanted entities.

  • First off, ask nicely if it will leave. You can literally just speak aloud and express your request that they leave you alone. Yes, you may feel silly. But this should always be your first step. It honestly does work quite often.

  • Second step is to be a little more forceful. I don't mean rude. I don't mean nasty. I mean, put a little more will into it. Be firm but don't cross the line into hostile.

  • Third step is to cleanse yourself and your home. *See below

  • If you still can't get rid of it, you might need to seek other help. This can get difficult. You can look for resources such as mediums or psychics in your area who might be willing to help you push the entity out of your home for good. It's rare that it would go so far. Most of the time asking or cleansing will remove the problem.

How to Cleanse Yourself And Your Home
Sometimes, you might have attracted the attention of an entity and you need to remove lingering ties or attractions to yourself or your personal space. Here are some suggestions of things you can do to purify yourself and your home after such encounters. They're not bad to do in general now and then just to keep yourself and your home energetically and spiritually tidy. You keep your home clean in other ways, so why ignore it's energetic side?

Cleanse Yourself

  • A great way to cleanse your energy/aura is to take a ritual saltwater bath. Sea salt is best, but even regular table salt will work. Using a washcloth, slowly and with the focus of cleansing any negative energy or attachments, slowly wash your body, visualizing that you are purifying and removing all bad energy. Breath slowly and deeply, and really take your time to truly see yourself disconnecting anything that is dark, bad, or harmful from your body and your energy.

  • Another alternative to salt is lavender. It's very calming and can help you reach a mind state of relaxation and purity.

  • Additionally, never underestimate the power of meditation. It need not be anything formal. Merely taking some time to sit down, focus on your breathing can go a long way. As you breathe, pull in positive, clean and pure energy; as you exhale, push out the dirty, negative and tainted energy. Find your center and try to connect with the rhythm of the earth. Even ten minutes of this will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Ease yourself back into your regular breathing and continue on with your day.

Cleanse Your Home

  • A simple way to cleanse a home or other living space is with the use of sage. Often called "smudge sticks" sage is usually wrapped into a bundle. You light the sage and walk the smoke purposefully through the space. Sage has been considered sacred in many cultures throughout the world for years. Again, visualize the smoke removing any negative energy. Let it carry any impurity up and away.

  • Another way to cleanse again involves salt. If you are burdened with bad dreams for example, make an unbroken circle in salt around your bed. Salt is a great purifier and can be used as a barrier against unwanted energies and entities.

In Closing
I know first-hand how daunting, frightening and confusing it can be to deal with entities and encounters. I know how lost and bothered you can feel by the invasion. Just try to keep the basic rules in mind, never try to summon entities or give permissions if you aren't 100% fully prepared for the consequences. Many entities you will randomly encounter are not malicious; many are just curious or bored. But that doesn't mean every one is nice or even truthful. So please, avoid provoking or initiating such encounters and use these steps to help finish random encounters that may come to you.

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