Spirits: Life Forms of Energy
by Dennaveve

Header: To fully understand this article please read Past Lives: Energy Recycling and How we all Connect.

Spirits are without doubt a prevalent and very real force in our world. Since our environment is saturated with the energy emitted by humans, plants, animals, and any living organism it would be foolhardy to disbelieve in spirits which are quite simply: Beings that are completely made up of energy with no natural physical manifestation. This is not to say that a spirit cannot manifest itself, we have all heard of hauntings and various paranormal activities. These spirits do not disappear post manifestation they simply become unperceivable to the naked eye unless one is a medium that sees spirits and energy paths/patterns instead of hearing or feeling them. Spirits can of course manifest themselves in the physical world in many different ways a few of which would be through possession of a host, automatic writing, ghosts, poltergeists, and visions. You will notice that most of these options require direct physical contact with human beings. Much like the often-repeated phrase, “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it does it still make a sound?” We can ask ourselves: Do spirits manifest without a living audience?

A sighting is just that, the viewing of a spirit manipulating the energy in an environment (including light) to make themselves visible to all in the surrounding area. Once we know this we ask ourselves the greatest question of all, “Why?” Many feel the reasons for a spirit to manifest is that they have “unfinished business to attend to.” This does not fit in with the previous thoughts laid down about reincarnation (see Past Lives: Energy Recycling and How we all Connect) and in either route why would a ghost feel the urge to clarify or expose dealings of the “mortal” world which they are no longer any part of for no gain of their own? Spirits are a different race, a complete and totally unique organism with behaviors and thought processes, which we can barely hope to follow let alone fully understand. The common consensus among most mediums is that spirits crave attention, validation, and recognition from other intelligent life forms. They gain this attention by forcing us to acknowledge their presence in the world through the movement of objects (poltergeists), invading a human body (possession), becoming visible (ghosts), writing through shared consciousness with a human (automatic writing), and manipulating thought patterns to cause individual dreamlike states (visions). It seems rather laughable that spirits would go so far out of their way to be recognized by human beings however we have to remember that all living things create energy and spirits are comprised solely of that substance. Just as we must eat and drink to nourish ourselves so must spirits and, just like any other animal human beings are sources of food.

Since we like spirits can cause objects to move without physical contact (telekinesis), light fires without a source of heat like matches (pyrokinetic), heal others with a touch (Reiki and more), it is only logical to assume that humans are also energy manipulators and that this energy can be directed towards an object or organism. Spirits being composed of matter that is nonphysical would feed on energy and what easier source of food (energy) is a human being? Though we can be sure that spirits also feed off of the energy created in storms we must also realize the fact that a bolt of lightening and the clap of thunder will not worship a spirit if it tricks us into believing that it is a God. To be completely clear there are three main sources of spiritual energy and its creation:

1: The energy that surrounds us all composed of waste (unspent energy) from souls, spirits, and anything blessed with life.

2: Storms, eruptions, raging rivers and other violent reactions of chemicals and substances, which produce energy.

3: Living organisms (including spirits), which are constant producers and consumers of energy.

Now, if one takes a closer look at this list they will find several things become apparent. Throughout the world we have many different cultures and most if not all believe that spirits gather around lakes and rivers, some even residing in storms or volcanoes. Also, we can see that the first type of energy on the list is byproducts. This would be everywhere, surrounding and permeating all things contributed to by the energy which humans, animals, and spirits simply emit all the time because we are alive. The third are the consumers of energy; they take but also give back to the source in lesser amounts until their death upon which time all of the energy inside of the body is released into the surrounding area. If spirits fed only on storms they would have to wait until one actually occurred to feed themself. This would require a great deal of travel and would be simply unreliable however, if a spirit offers information or abilities to a human or perhaps just tricks many people into believing that they are a God then the energy is there so long as the provider remains alive. Why wouldn’t they want a reliable source of food and since they are often providing services in return (sharing knowledge, ability, power, happiness etc) it is a symbiotic relationship between the spirit and individuals. We do need to remember that everyone has energy and some are able to direct it at will whereas others cannot. So it would be simpler for a spirit to manifest itself as a ghost of a local man who just died and feast off of all the energy that is being sent towards it instead of forming a relationship with one person. Just like human beings spirits are greedy and often will resort to childish pranks to draw our attention and therefore our energy towards them, for example through throwing objects around a home or simply misplacing them.

You do not need to be aware of spirits to be affected by them. Just because we are not aware of the germs that are ever present in our homes doesn’t mean we cannot get sick because of it. Many people do not realize or attribute strange happenings to spirits so they will become more forceful towards an individual to wake them up to their presence, though most times they seek out those who are already aware (like mediums) as it makes the entire task far easier. We cannot discount the fact that much of our world’s culture is formed and based around the worship of an invisible being and many religions share a common God. This can be attributed to both the fact that we migrate and spread our beliefs along with traveling spirits. The more energy they consume, the more they have to spend so if thousands of people worship one spirit who has decided to name itself Allah it would have more power to expend on the creation of otherwise unexplainable but faith proving acts (miracles) which insure a steady source of nourishment. Just as a conman will make up any lie and tell you everything you want to hear to sell you something that you do not need spirits trick humans, pulling the wool over our eyes to maintain their stock of food. Also, like a farmer will protect his chicken from being eaten by coyotes and other stray dogs spirits will at times “save” a member of their flock from an ailment (like blindness) to up the production rate. However spirits do not actually need to kill us to harvest our otherwise wasted energy they can simply sit back and enjoy our flow and once there are enough humans worshipping the spirit to keep it satisfied then there is no longer a reason to expend energy on miracles and they can make the same empty promises of their return to life, or final redemption keeping humans in line and fighting to worship the conniving spirit.

So now we of course have to ask what happens when nobody worships the spirit masquerading as a God, or it fails to receive acknowledgment from mediums and other spiritually aware people or even people at all? Of course they could begin to subsist merely on the energy that surrounds us that’s created by our planet and other forces but, the less energy intake they have the less power they are imbued with. We can look at spirits like balloons, when they are full of helium to the near bursting point they are rather large but as we let out air they slowly become smaller until they are empty. Just because there is no longer any air in the balloon doesn’t mean it ceases to exist it simply has to be filled up again. Spirits as such do not die when they no longer have any energy to sustain them, they contract until they are worthless and akin to the tiny different particles of energy which meld together forming the fabric of our spiritual world.

In the end we must know that though spirits may try to trick us into things we would not normally do, or pester us at the least convenient of moments that they have their uses just as we all do and must be respected even if we cannot always understand them. They are eternal caretakers of a world we cannot always see, hear, feel, and taste but is still essential to our survival and as such they must be respected. They are creators just as we are they are our brethren without the flesh and proof of another world inside our own that is so often just beyond our grasp.

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