Spirits: Symbiotic Life in all Realms
by Dennaveve

Header: It is advised that the reader at least view Spirits: Life Forms of Energy to understand this continuation and deeper look at the principles and ideas placed forth herein. If you would like to completely grasp the article take the time to also read Past Lives: Energy Recycling and How we all Connect but, it is not necessary to peruse that article if you only want to delve into the spiritual world.

“Spirits are without doubt a prevalent and very real force in our world. Since our environment is saturated with the energy emitted by humans, plants, animals, and any living organism it would be foolhardy to disbelieve in spirits which are quite simply: Beings that are completely made up of energy with no natural physical manifestation.

We can look at spirits like balloons, when they are full of helium to the near bursting point they are rather large but as we let out air they slowly become smaller until they are empty. Just because there is no longer any air in the balloon doesn’t mean it ceases to exist it simply has to be filled up again. Spirits as such do not die when they no longer have any energy to sustain them, they contract until they are worthless and akin to the tiny different particles of energy which meld together forming the fabric of our spiritual world.”

-Spirits Life Forms of Energy written by Dennaveve Kalanam, originally written in 2002.

In the above we see a brief description of what a spirit is and how they interact with their world but, what exactly is the “spiritual world”? This question has been asked for centuries, pondered over, debated heatedly and, many different and enticing answers have been put forth by historians, theologians, and your regular Joe. It should be stressed that the “astral” realm is not the “spiritual” world as they seem to be confused with a startling regularity. The astral body is often referred to as the place where your emotions and mind reside, this body extends outside of the physical form slightly while remaining connected to it. Basically the astral body is an intelligent aura “the seat of higher consciousness”, and the astral realm is where these bodies naturally manifest. When we travel in the astral we are no longer seeing the physical world, just the energy comprised auras (or outer energy bodies) of living things which can be far different from the being tied to such electrical emanations. Much of the more influential writings on the astral realm and the body that resides within it were made by Madame Blavatsky who founded the Theosophical Society in 1875, further describing the astral realms (seven in all) and how we travel through them. However with the basic outlined knowledge of the astral realm and what resides within it there cannot be a confusing between the spiritual world and the astral realm. 

Unlike the astral realm the spiritual world is inhabited by beings which do not have a corporeal form, they are unlike human auras and souls as they do not remain tied to a physical body of any sort. Though it should be noted that the soul of a living creature is released upon death and therefore no longer tied to a corporeal form spiritual entities have never been released from such. Instead of being comprised of energy held within specific boundaries like the arm or head spirits are made of energy with no measurable limits. This means that the non corporeal entity of energy (referred to simply as a spirit) does not have a container in which their energy is placed such as a body. Instead, and because they are completely made up of an energy that does not need to come together in a physical form like leaves on a tree they are able to expand upon gathering more energy while remaining healthy. Unlike an animal which upon consuming too much energy (in the form of plants or the flesh of other animals) stores this excess as fat and becomes in the end unhealthy, spirits do not experience these health related side effects. Spirits are not alive the way other animals are, and to consider them an animal is surely folly for though they follow some of the basic description of life which is to say:

Spirits like humans and other animals are not inanimate matter, they grow in size, they produce waste, respond to stimuli in their environment and adapt to it.

They also function outside of these basic premises of life and do not follow all rules for animals. Notice that there has been no mention of the death of spirits, or how they reproduce which is different from most life forms. Only in reproduction can they be compared to something earthly, the germ. This means that they like cells reproduce by splitting apart through a process of “mutation”. They die (figuratively) when they are consumed by other spiritual entities but since they do not cease to exist it cannot be said that spirits truly die. Of course depending on the individuals view of reincarnation humans do not really “die” either (see Past Lives: Energy Recycling and How we all Connect). The death and reproduction of spirits can be thought of more easily in this manner:

The spirit grows upon consuming energy, expanding to sizes that can easily cover our Earth and while doing so not force other spiritual entities out of the way. They push together in a tightly knit fabric where they can move within each other and out of one another. Just as light can travel through other paths of light so can spirits move within each other without being totally absorbed or rather “eaten”. When spirits reproduce they break apart forming new and fully functional non corporeal beings which are a part of the whole but still manage to remain separate and distinct. This means that the new spirits will not share the same memories anymore as they are now two, or more new beings. The left over memories passed on from the “parent” spirit can easily be compared to instinct which all animals in the physical world have. Like the root system of a tree all attach in the end (coming from one source) but do not draw nourishment from the same place and individuals can cease to function without killing the whole being: the spiritual world, or in this example the tree.

So following this line of reasoning the conclusion that spirits are the spiritual world presents itself. Much like the human body is the spiritual world, each spirit has a function within the whole and together they form one symbiotic being while all managing to remain separate entities. This can be terribly complex or dangerously simple depending on an individuals level of understanding. Now, when people think of spirits the first thing that comes to mind is generally poltergeists, or the viscous apparitions summoned by witches that hover above a cloth covered table spouting strange bits of wisdom and knowledge of the past. Such apparitions are often considered ghosts, and to clarify ghosts are not the spirits talked of in this article nor will they ever be referred to as spirits in any body of work by this author. Ghosts are a separate entity and have little in common with spirits and that is about all that needs to be said of them here. Now many do not contemplate that there could be an unintelligent entity which merely functions as a bug would, there is little evidence that such beings exist since generally humans only attract sentient entities. However the spirits that are not sentient can be of the size of the entire spiritual world or small as atoms floating in the mesh of energy comprised beings. Unlike the sentient spirits which often indulge in tricks and influencing the physical world:

“We cannot discount the fact that much of our world’s culture is formed and based around the worship of an invisible being and many religions share a common God. This can be attributed to both the fact that we migrate and spread our beliefs along with traveling spirits. The more energy they consume, the more they have to spend so if thousands of people worship one spirit who has decided to name itself Allah it would have more power to expend on the creation of otherwise unexplainable but faith proving acts (miracles) which insure a steady source of nourishment. Just as a conman will make up any lie and tell you everything you want to hear to sell you something that you do not need spirits trick humans, pulling the wool over our eyes to maintain their stock of food. Also, like a farmer will protect his chicken from being eaten by coyotes and other stray dogs spirits will at times “save” a member of their flock from an ailment (like blindness) to up the production rate. However spirits do not actually need to kill us to harvest our otherwise wasted energy they can simply sit back and enjoy our flow and once there are enough humans worshipping the spirit to keep it satisfied then there is no longer a reason to expend energy on miracles and they can make the same empty promises of their return to life, or final redemption keeping humans in line and fighting to worship the conniving spirit."

-Spirits Life Forms of Energy written by Dennaveve Kalanam, originally written in 2002.

These small (of mind but varying in size like any other spirit) but nonetheless mechanically functional beings are for the sheer purpose of upkeep. Since all organic matter produces energy created in the soul, visible in our auras and very movements and it cannot all be used it is cast off into the air. This means that there is a great deal of said energy floating around in the spiritual world. The spiritual world lays not above, below, or on our plateau of existence but within our very world meshing in with the air, books, computers, water, everything. Just as the spirits pressing through each other create the spiritual world, so does our physical world connect to theirs though it is often unseen and imperceptible to human eyes, ears, and the like. One reason why it may be hidden from us is the constant moving away from nature and the metaphysical that humans partake of. Perhaps at one time there was a place for spirits and their realm in our physical sphere of consciousness and it has been divorced by skepticism, freedom condemning faiths and sophisms, along with a fear of our Mother the planet and all things we cannot easily control. In either case these upkeep spirits like all other spirits consume the energy cast off by organic beings and other entities and much like worms these beings produce in their waste a soil like system which not unlike air nourishes non corporeal beings and allows them to further grow and expand. Basically they take in the raw energy and refine it into a purer “fuel” not dissimilar from how we turn crude oil into gasoline. 

Now it has been briefly covered that there are different kinds of entities which altogether form the spiritual world, the sentient spirits who work for their own designs and form the consciousness (Brain) of this realm. These beings can be tricksters, benevolent or vindictive, they often manifest to gather energy (food) from humans which direct it toward the spirit in worship, through prayer, song etcetera (see Spirits: Life Forms of Energy for further explanation). Along with the “Brain” there are upkeep spirits who function as refiners and collectors of energy, these creatures take the cast off energy of humans and other organic beings on the physical world and incorporate it into the vast matrix of the spiritual. We can think of these creatures as the “Liver”, “Kidney”, and “Pancreas” of this massive organism. This energy which makes up the spiritual world is not just the beings which reside inside of it. Along with the entities themselves is the raw energy which has yet to be refined, or the energy which upon being purified has not yet been consumed. In this world, like ours there are actions and reactions which can cause tumults and shifts. When the soul escapes its’ encasement and is released at the moment of death it becomes entrenched in the spiritual world adding to the mix of energies (see Past Lives: Energy Recycling and How we all Connect ). Since the spiritual world and the physical world in which we reside are connected to each other symbiotically plants, animals, and the like can absorb this energy which much like air remains unseen by the general populace of the planet but in invisibility does not cease to affect us. 

“When we die our bodies emit energy, we can call this energy our soul, every single organism on this planet has one from the lowliest germ to the African Elephant. It is a fact that we produce energy, all living organisms naturally expel it into the environment around them be it a supermarket, church, park, or ones home. Upon the passing of our physical lives this energy releases itself into the area around us and melds with all of the other energy that floats around invisible to the naked eye. It is the essence of life that is unseen, something that makes up our spiritual world and permeates every object and organism, it is akin to the air we breathe and just as powerful for without it life would never be the same. Our soul upon release from the physical shell that binds it is absorbed into other beings, plants, animals and perhaps even children in the womb and becomes a part of their soul, which is, like their physical body forming itself inside the mother.”

-Past Lives: Energy Recycling and How we all Connect written by Dennaveve Kalanam, originally written in 2002.

This mixing of worlds ensures that one cannot exist without the other, what happens in the physical effects the spiritual. War on Earth causes death, which causes an influx of energy more than the normal day to day flow. Disease, famine, and even the start of a new faith can cause effects in the spiritual world. Storms in the physical attract some spirits from their drifting and draw them for their own purpose, think of this massive creation of energy as a free all you can eat buffet. 

Due to this connectivity of worlds and the fact that one is inevitably tied to another, that what affects one effects the other we must acknowledge the fact that it is symbiotic. Spirits have been recorded in history for thousands of years, we can find them in holy texts, fictional and non fiction books, movies, music, etcetera. We have the ability to detect these invisible emanations of energy through the use of tools like an EMF (electromagnetic field measuring tool), or Infrared Non-Contact Thermometers. Generally these are used in conjunction, an electromagnetic field disrupts the air currents and causes temperatures to drop because molecules can no longer bond, and these fields are produced by beings of energy. Humans are affected by electromagnetic fields but do not produce them. Of course something which we cannot see but produces such is most likely, a spirit. Now unfortunately electromagnetic fields affect electronic equipment, fields are not an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which is often thought of in conjunction with a nuclear explosion. Though both an EMF and an EMP affect electronic equipment a pulse is more likely to completely disable the tool, a field will cause interference. However the magnitude of either will determine the severity of complications seen in electronics or batteries. As a result the data gathered by such machines cannot be entirely accurate, or completely trusted and taken to heart but, the fact that we are able to validate people who have seen, heard, or otherwise communed with spirits is heartening even without complete absolution. With evidence of the existence of non corporeal beings in our literature, history, and through the use of “modern” equipment it is hard to deny they exist or something exists which we cannot normally see, feel, hear, or taste… Yet perhaps the greatest question ever asked by musing minds is: Alright so spirits exist but, what do they do for me and why should I care they are connected to my world?

As briefly covered in Spirits: Life Forms of Energy the sentient breed of entities have been reputed to expend their energy to heal or otherwise aid human beings but, also it demands acknowledgment that spirits are not doing this selflessly but to gather energy they need for food. Some may find this selfish but, thinking “outside” of the box there are not many, if any selfless acts which people partake in. Is it really all bad, these entities are aiding us while gathering from our persons the energy they need to survive which is merely excess… Also, people need something to believe in (or so it would seem), for in the rubble of old religions the new grows and gives reason to life. There is nothing wrong with finding meaning through belief in a being which watches our actions with interest though it is perhaps self deceiving. However our perceptions help form our reality and if this belief does not harm us, aids others (human and non), it truly shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. As spirits can help us, so can they harm us. If we attribute many of the worlds religions to contact with these beings we much also accredit them many wars as well. Even if the spirits were not directly involved in creating the war, maintaining its longevity, or ending it, some of our greatest world wars can be considered “Holy” battles. If we had not come into direct contact with these creatures would these wars have occurred and if not, would periods of time on the planet and human cultures be the same? The simple answer is no, most likely if we had not been manipulated by these beings through our own gullibility and their lies or rather half truths our world would not be the same today. Spirits can aid us in many other ways, they can offer their wisdom and advice, as well as perceptions on our world that may not occur in the mind of one who is forever immersed in the physical. So truly this interconnected life is neither, good or bad but merely is. Of course it isn’t a good idea to form your entire life around the functions of another entity, corporeal or non but with prudence and patience we can benefit just as they do from our existence. We can gain a greater understanding of life and the interconnectivity of the world through our communications with the seemingly divine. They are things that help and harm, destroy and create, in the end we can acknowledge and work with spirits or deny their existence but either way, we are still affected by their presence sentient or not. 

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